Meet-up Events

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A group that meets with the intention to grow and be healed with the energy of love. When you attended you will experience different modalities of healing and it will be a forum for all to experience and integrate harmony into their lives. It will also be a place where we can share in a safe environment and get channeled messages from the Divine. It takes place right on the water of the Hudson in Nyack.

A peaceful place where we gather and meditate. We use the tool of meditation to realign the Self. Each week the meditation will be one with an intention. Sometimes it will be guided with an instrument or visions led by Star, other times with inspirational poetry or in a different spiritual technique. Each week it will give one the chance to look deep to bring peace joy and harmony to ones life. It will always end with a group meditation to send love to the world or use our group efforts to help a good cause. There will also be the opportunity to share if one desires.

A spiritual group that is run by Reverend Star Blossom Goddess. Each week in sacred space she will encourage all those attending to connect to who they are a child of the Divine. The meeting will include a guided meditation, spiritual music, a sermon to feel empowered and the reading of some uplifting poetry. All backgrounds are welcome and it is a way to benefit from carrying the vibration of LOVE.

Do you hear the call....

The Golden Gate of Ascension

Enjoy all Egypt has to offer as we travel the Nile for six days on our private Dahabeya (boat). Together we become a family of the heart as we journey, do ceremony and connect to become “one”. Many options will be available to you during your journey including the famous market places, traditional felucca rides, a Nubian Village visit, and much more.