The Golden Gate of Ascension









I have just found out that there is an Egyptian Clock built into the star alignment on the Giza Plateau that was evidently revealed in The Law of One material. This clock provides a portal for the ascension/shift of our entire solar system.  First, the Silver Gate opens with Orion at the cusp on May 22 bringing renewed abundance and resources to our solar system. 


Then, on November 22, on our final journey day in Egypt, we will be on the Plateau celebrating the first anniversary of Golden Gate opening as we bring in a powerful and intense burst of ascension transformation through our hearts.  


I was shocked and expanded as I also discovered the connection Ezekiel has to the Golden Gate, Syria and the healing of emotions and beyond.  I always wondered exactly why this energy I connect with was named Ezekiel. Now, however, it is abundantly clear that this all  tied into the karmic cycle we have been trapped in and our release through our hearts and the Golden Gate to liberation.  


There is one last template for a Heartlights group to align with

as the great shift brings us closer to anchoring our New Earth. Those who are called will be there. We are the intenders…the creators. Follow your heart and take the leap!













November 9-23, 2018

Heading 1

Join Nancy Joy, Star Blossom Goddess and Amro Mounir 

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The Shift has happened. We are living in the new 5D Frequencies. New heart waves are pulsating in our beings awakening and guiding us. It’s time to return to Mother Egypt as she has shifted and changed. She is also calling us home to work with her and to fulfill our destinies. The cabalistic hold on our sacred sites has been released.  Time to return, recalibrate and create from our expanded consciousness and hearts.


Star travels with a variety of spiritual guides and her angels. What better place but to travel in the great energies of Egypt whereby-one can shed old modalities inside the new times 

of ascension. 


All can benefit from the information received and shared from the ancient wisdom beings that inhabit these sacred lands that Star connects to. Stars guides include a special angel named Terra who will accompany all with valuable individual information. 


Life is a gift and those who decide to travel with us to Egypt will have an experience never to forget and will be ready for the exciting new times aligned with their divine hearts. 


Time now to look within and step into the heart energies to celebrate and follow its guidance. Perhaps than a grand trip to the great gateway will begin for those ready.


We could not have a better crew than Nancy, Ezekiel, Star, Terra and Amro


The wave of change is uprooting the old everywhere. Come cultivate the new on these powerful energy vortexes on the first anniversary of the Golden Gate opening to the New Reality on the Giza Plateau November 22. Return now, not to activate and heal, but to recalibrate and create. Experience the 11:11 ascension doorway and the power of the Golden Gate on the Giza Plateau.   


Enjoy all Egypt has to offer as we travel the Nile for six days on our private Dahabeya (boat). Together we become a family of the heart as we journey, do ceremony and connect to become “one”. Many options will be available to you during your journey including the famous market places, traditional felucca rides, a Nubian Village visit, and much more.


Finally, we take a deep breath and integrate all that has unfolded within us on our journey as we return to Cairo for our very special private group visit to the Paws of the Sphinx and then into The Great Pyramid for a special alone time for our Group on November 22 to complete our Creations for ourselves and our planet.

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